Scripture: For distress does not grow out of the soil,  and trouble does not sprout from the ground.  (Job 5:6)

Observation: While Job is in the midst of suffering his friends try to analyze the situation and start to look for the purpose for the suffering.  As we know from the beginning of the book of Job that Job is not directly responsible for his own suffering.

Application:  As Job is not responsible for his suffering that does not excuse the fact that often we face consequences to our own actions.  God forgives us of our sin but does not take away the consequences that coincide with it.  Many people want to blame God for this suffering but the responsibility falls on us.  Luckily for us, God is a God of mercy and He forgives us and often restores us.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, please forgive us of our sins and be with us in the midst of our suffering.  Restore us to your plans and your purpose.  Amen